What Is Affecting Our Relationships Today?

Millennials; we have evolved perspectives on life, love and careers, different priorities and hence, live differently than other generations.

Although, being a millennial and sustaining these mind-sets has brought goodness in every way, we have also degraded in some aspects of love and relationships.Dating culture has had a whole new makeover now with subjective perception of the concept by everyone. With the emergence of the hook-up culture and other contemporary complications boosted by the internet, millennial relationships are a conundrum to say the least. The reasons are explicit but maybe, running through them might give us some more clarity on where we are going wrong.

Different takes on dating
As spoken about already, one of the main complexities in modern dating is the ambiguous nature of the term ‘dating’ today. You can never be sure if a person is looking for a genuine romantic alliance with you, a temporary, short-lived fling or a relationship purely based on physical intimacy. Every individual today has varied expectations and it may or may not match with yours. People are often unsure of what they are looking for and what they want, making the whole process difficult.

Communication Conflicts
There is nothing more personal than face to face communication. Anything spoken to a face and a voice is expressive in the right sense. Although, the interference of the internet as a communication medium has been helpful in certain ways, it’s also been hazardous to relationships. Anything conveyed through a set of words and emojis in a text message gets distorted in its meaning, creating a gap between the sender and the receiver. Today, direct communication has taken a back step and feelings get expressed through a screen. This discrepancy and superficial nature of communication between two people only gives rise to conflicts of all degrees.

Social Media Interference
Your activity on social media and that of your partner’s, both may unknowingly manage to intervene in your relationship. Since, there is a lot of emphasis these days on what we post on social media, what we like and comment on; it is bound to occupy a large part of your mind. The mere presence of a cell phone when two people are talking interferes with feelings of closeness, connection, and communication.Feelings of jealousy, insecurity, higher expectations and other negative sentiments that are often a part of a relationship may be augmented with the presence of social media.

These are just some primary issues that are sabotaging millennial relationships. There are also problems that are fabricated by clashes of goals between two people. While one might have their focus on their career, the partner may have other things as priority. In retrospect, this generation’s many perspectives on dating and relationships, the massive role of internet and social media and of course, lack of communication, are some visible stains on modern relationships that can also be easily washed off with a few steps.

Author: Akshi Ranka (www.sonderzine.com)

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