Students & Parents


Students And Parents

Managing Exam Stress

Exam stress is the most common source of anxiety among students and parents. Exams today are more competitive than ever, and every fraction of a mark is crucial to success. With this much importance and stress attached to exams, effective management of it becomes crucial.

We conduct separate workshops for parents and students to educate them with evidence-based stress management techniques specific to their own stress management style.

Study Skills

Seeing as studying is an act that we indulge in for most of our life, studying smartly and effectively is a skill student can benefit greatly from.

This workshop will help you master different tips and techniques to study more effectively and help you reap greater benefits of your strategic hard work.

Communicating With Your Kids

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. As children grow up the communication gap between parents and children widen which often results in unnecessary conflicts and miscommunications.

Our workshop will help you break these unhealthy patterns of communication and teach you adaptive communication styles that can help strengthen your bond with your child.

When To Seek Help For Your Teenager

Adolescence is a period of rapid change – physical, emotional and psychological – and this is a difficult time for parents and teenagers alike. Most behavioural changes are normal, but it is important for parents to understand what changes are considered abnormal and warrant attention.

This workshop will highlight behaviours that warrant investigation to help you look out for your child’s best interest.

Plan your Workshop

We customise all workshops according to your individual needs and preferences. Please get in touch to tailor make a workshop just for you!

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