Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

This workshop offers a basic introduction to the theories, principles and application of neuropsychological rehabilitation. It is an intensive one-day workshop that will provide you with a basic understanding and some real examples of what it means to engage in neuropsychological rehabilitation in India and the application of the theories and principles with the Indian population.

Neurological Impairments

This workshop offers a basic understanding of the different types of neurological impairments and their implications. It offers a foundational understanding for students and professionals who want to widen their knowledge in this field. It is ideal for professionals who work with clients with neurological impairments to help them recognize limitations and obstacles that may affect therapy.

Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessments are a core component in a well-rounded treatment plan. Assessments are constantly evolving based on current research and trends, and to keep abreast with these changes we organize workshops on specific psychological assessments. These workshops can also be tailored to your requirements.

Therapeutic Interventions

Therapeutic interventions undergo continuous research and fine-tuning. Techniques and theories are constantly evolving. This workshop focuses on providing you with a foundational understanding on basic intervention strategies as well as with newer interventions.

This intensive workshop includes basic theoretical understanding as well as application examples via case studies.

Creative and Art Based Therapies

The use of art and other creative means in therapy is not a new concept, but the understanding of such therapies is not widely known. These workshops range from a basic to an intensive understanding of the topic. This workshop will help you understand the principles behind art-based therapies and also show you how it can be applied to a wide range of everyday scenarios.

Positive Psychology

The focus on positive psychology is relatively new and there are several misconceptions floating regarding its applicability. The principles of positive psychology can apply to a wide range of settings with any population. This workshop helps you gain insight into its use and application in an Indian population setting and its relevance in the field today.


This workshop offers a basic understanding of neuropsychology. It provides an insight into the vast field; it’s principles, theories and its applications in the Indian scenario. This workshop is catered to students who want to gain a better understanding of this constantly evolving field. It will help you understand what neuropsychology means, what neuropsychologists do, which population they cater to, what the status of the field is like in India, and where you can fit in.


An understanding of psychopathology is the foundation for any clinical psychologist, and it can help counsellors better identify and understand clients with signs of psychopathology. This workshop offers a practical understanding of psychopathology. It will help you understand the disorders in a mock practical setting; how to identify the symptoms, make a diagnosis and the obstacles to account for in treatment.

This workshop also moves beyond the textbook and brings real life case examples especially in the Indian context.

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