Patients & Families


Patients And Their Families

Group Therapy for Patients and Families

Group therapy is an important and powerful tool that we offer. Group therapy is used in conjunction to individual therapy or even by itself. It offers a unique personal support system and opportunity for patients to grow through one another. Individuals get the chance to learn and contribute to each other’s journey of recovery.

All our groups are vetted to ensure that patients can benefit one another and get along with ease. The facilitator ensures that each session is productive and helpful to each attending member.

Psychoeducation for Disorders and How Best to Deal with it

In the process of providing assistance with a mental illness, professionals focus more on the patient and less on the family. But we have noticed that Indians are part of a large caring community who want to play a role in each other’s well-being. The problem lies is not knowing how to.

This workshop is a learning experience for the family and friends of patients, who are confused about the diagnosis, unsure of its impacts and want to know about how they can help.

Social Communication Skills

Humans are social beings, and mental health illnesses often prevent people from sustaining the level of social interaction that they need. This workshop is designed help all who need to re-learn or enhance their social skills after a diagnosis. We will provide you with skills about all aspects of a social interaction such as assertiveness training, dealing with conflict to name a few.

This workshop is ideal for all those who want to achieve functional independence following a mental health issue.

Relationship Management

Relationships are crucial to our well-being, and they can often feel strained following a mental health illness. Strained relationships are an unnecessary and avoidable burden on the patient and their near and dear ones. This workshop focuses on relationship management and enhancing the quality of each interaction, to allow you to have healthier and stronger bonds with your significant others.

Family and Patient Support Groups

We understand that it can be lonely to go through your journey to recovery alone. This is why, we create for you, a support system of people who know exactly what you are going through – whether you are the patient or the family of a patient. Support groups help provide practical solutions to daily hassles and offer an empathetic ear to your problems.

Creative Expression to Develop Meaningful Engagement

Creative expression can boost recovery. We provide different forms of creative expression, through the expressive arts of music, art and dance to name a few. These creative expressions not only help in connecting with oneself and facilitating self-discovery but also help in providing safe creative outlets for internal struggles.

Plan your Workshop

We customise all workshops according to your individual needs and preferences. Please get in touch to tailor make a workshop just for you!

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