Organisations & Employees


Organisations And Employees

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage emotions. All organisations rely heavily on their employees to effectively communicate and cooperate with one another. Harnessing emotional intelligence results in reduced conflict, stress, anxiety and an improved outlook on challenges. Our workshop provides evidence-based techniques to help you enhance this essential skill to succeed at work and in life.

Cognitive Hacks

All work involves fast and efficient processing of information. This workshop helps you use different well-researched strategies that make working with large chunks of information easier. The workshop will help you avoid common human errors made while solving problems and processing information.

Executive Decision Making

One of the biggest hindrances in the process of decision making is the presence of human biases – which are shortcuts the brain uses, to process information faster. These shortcuts can be flawed but continue to seem logical. This workshop will help you analyse your current decision-making process, identify the shortcuts used and the biases that follow and equip you to make sound, fool proof decisions.

Employee Well-being

Employees work best when they feel motivated and relaxed at the same time in an encouraging environment. It becomes imperative to invest in employee well-being to avoid personal problems hampering efficiency, since your organisation is only as productive as its employees.

This workshop will teach you the measures you can implement to ensure your employees are motivation and happiness.

Healthy Relationships

Mental Health is the invisible, crucial component affecting employee productivity. Focusing on mental well-being ensures that employees are cared for and operating at optimal levels. Emphasis on mental well-being also reduces fatigue, stress, burnout, errors, and turnover.

Our workshop provides you with evidence-based solutions to help ensure that your organisation can achieve its goal with a mentally healthy team.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are not a desired part of the job, but they are an inevitable part of the job and hence, conflict resolution is a vital skill. We have compiled the most efficient conflict resolution techniques, from years of research just for this workshop. Here we will not only provide you with your personalized conflict resolution toolkit based on your personal style, but also give you the opportunity to first had apply these techniques in mock scenarios.

Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

We understand the importance of an efficient, smooth running organisation. Employees are the backbone of any company and their efficiency has the power to make or break the company. We provide you with evidence-based solutions to help you with just that – increasing efficiency and productivity of any team or organisation to help you achieve your organisation’s vision!

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We customise all workshops according to your individual needs and preferences. Please get in touch to tailor make a workshop just for you!

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