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Sleep Hygiene

Sleep : we do it every day, but do we do it well?

Your sleep quality can affect your mood, performance, immunity and overall physical and mental health.

This interactive workshop busts myths, teaches the science of sleep, and tips to achieve better quality sleep. Join this workshop, create your own sleep plan and wake up feeling refreshed!

Mindful Breathing

We don’t give our breathing any thought, unknowing, that breathing patterns can not only reduce fatigue and tension, but also improve focus, immunity and strengthen emotional resilience.

This multisession workshop will provide you with the tools to regulate emotional and physical health with your breath.

Mindful Eating

If you have ever struggled to lose weight or stick to a diet plan, then this workshop can benefit you, after all, eating is about a mindset.

The workshop sessions are based on well researched techniques to help you gain control of your diet.

Healthy Ageing

Every single one of us is ageing so let’s learn how to extend the number of years we can remain mentally and physically healthy.

This seminar busts myths about ageing and teaches skills to maintain good health without age being a factor.

Healthy Relationships

A healthy relationship is all about communication. This interactive workshop gives you a toolbox with the necessary skills to improve the quality of your relationship. It focuses on better communication, easier conflict resolution, building mutuality, insight and emotional regulation. Bring a noticeable change in your life after acquiring these skills.

Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life

What do your days amount to? What are you working towards? What will your legacy be? The big question is: Do you live purposefully? This 2-hour interactive session will provide you with the tools to create a meaningful life. Purposeful living has a ripple effect that pervades to other aspects of our life: de-stresses us, improves relationships, helps us work better and cope with any difficult situation that life might throw your way. Join this workshop to help your life amount to more!

Dealing with Stress

Stress is unavoidable, especially in today’s fast paced life. This workshop provides you with tools to effectively cope with different stressors that life throws your way. Once you learn these skills, you can apply them in a range of situations, and we will help you create your own stress relief toolbox.

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We customise all workshops according to your individual needs and preferences. Please get in touch to tailor make a workshop just for you!

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